Congratulations! You have taken the required step to record and register your work with VERIFiSMART. By doing so, you have ensured that you can prove ownership rights in your work thus insuring its value and protection.

Hopefully, you have used VERIFiSMART’s notice badge to inform third-parties that your work is protected with us and owned by you.

Nevertheless, distracted or challenging third-parties may have taken actions that infringe on your copyright or design rights… DON’T WORRY, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Who we are

We are a law firm specialised in the protection and enforcement of copyright and design rights. We help our clients to obtain the full benefit of their copyright and design assets either by licensing or enforcing their rights, as required, and by preventing infringement of the rights of third-parties.

We have experienced litigators and IP lawyers throughout our network. Our innovative platform allows us to coordinate the work you require from us to provide copyright and design right enforcement and/or defensive actions when, where and as needed by our clients.

We can help you to:

Draft and send a cease and desist letter


Negotiate a license of your work


Draft and send a letter of claim


to any third-party who you have identified has made any unauthorised use of your work.

We will help you archive the best results out of any of the above services, as chosen by you.

How do we work

We work in connection with VERIFiSMART. Once you’ve recorded and registered your work you can use their Smart Track TM system to scan the web and easily monitor and track any potential infringement of your work.

If you identify any unauthorised use of your work, simply click on “make a claim” and select the type of claim you would like to claim. An automatic notification will be then made to us and one of VERIFISMART Legal’s experienced lawyers will get in touch with you immediately to discuss your options.